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Gasworks HDR

So I spent a lot of time this summer reading up on different photography techniques. One in particular which I have always wanted to be good at was HDR. But HDR is hard, and I’ve never been able to produce an image that I felt was good enough to show to anyone else.

For people who don’t know what HDR is, it stands for High Dynamic Range. HDR takes multiple pictures with different exposures (brightnesses), so that it can capture all the dark and light areas of an image and merges them into a single image which carries all the information of the scene. This bypasses a limitation of digital cameras, because unlike our eyes which can adjust to capture light at different levels of exposure, a digital camera can only open and close the shutter once to capture the full depth of an image. However, HDR can be difficult because processing an image can end up looking unrealistic and blending exposures comes with its own hardships.

But after a lot of failed attempts, I finally came upon a good opportunity to shoot an HDR, and I gave it my best try. I was at Gasworks Park near the University of Washington campus, and my friend was commenting about how I should take a picture of the skies. When I saw what she was pointing at, I realized that I wouldn’t be able to shoot it with one exposure, so I strapped the camera around my wrist and made an attempt to shoot a handheld HDR.

Hope you like it!



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