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Studying during 10th week is pretty demoralizing. Sometimes it’s hard to find purpose in the final grind. But looking at the big picture, I’m really fortunate to study here. In the past couple weeks, I got the chance to spend time and photograph some pretty distinguished faculty. Listening to their stories, and to see where they are gives me a hope at what is to come. Of course, most of us aren’t likely to to achieve anything like a nobel prize. But we can all dream big.

Peoples names are captioned in order they appear.

Al Sweedler (Physicist)
Walter Kohn (Professor, Nobel Prize in Physics 1998)
George Feher (Physics Professor)
George Negi (Physics Professor)
Peter Preuss (University of California Regent, Preuss School Founder)
Steve Kay (Dept of Biological Sciences Dean)
Marye Anne Fox (UCSD Chancellor, 2010 National Medal of Science)
Susumu Tonegawa (Professor, Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine






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