Wushu Concept Photoshoot - Melvin Hseih (High Key)

So I’ve had some photoshoot ideas on my mind ever since this spring quarter. These ideas usually start out as small conceptual bookmarks that I make while going through my daily routine. I’ll be looking through a photoblog or magazine and something will click. Melvin is a good friend of mine. I think we met last year while I was still trying out wushu. We also had some classes together and became more acquainted as I’ve gotten more involved in TASA as well. But he asked me to help him out with a photoshoot and so I thought it would be awesome if he could display some of his wushu on camera for me. This is one of two concepts that I wanted to do, the first being high key and more traditional, while the second is more low key and a little more dramatic. Hope you like, the low key photos will be coming out soon!








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