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Johnathan & Chelsea are both good friends of mine. I actually knew both of them individually, before and after they became an item. Johnathan and I have worked together through several student organizations and were both officers of UCSD Photography club. Johnathan however, specializes in videography, and that is where our differences will probably lie. Chelsea and I met through many close friends, and I can reminisce of many great times while we were still students.

This photoshoot in particular was a meaningful one. It was one of the ways I could say thanks to all the great times that we all had shared as friends, and also, in wishing the best of opportunities as we all finished the last years of college and pursue our own separate paths. It’s a nostalgic and bittersweet feeling to see friends move on, together and on their own dreams and ambitions. As a photographer, I can share my goodbyes and goodwills with at least a picture and maybe less than a thousand words.










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