Anything you see below this is old news


Around the end of 2011, I stopped blogging. I had created a photography website using wordpress and was trying to make a living as any recent graduate would. I chose photography because I was good at it, and I had experience shooting with some professional photographers in the san diego area.

However, I didn’t go to school in photography, I had studied chemistry.

But upon realizing the difficulties associated with work in science with only an undergrad education, I chose photography. I was ultimately to study medicine, and it was my 2nd attempt at that crazy application cycle.


But something happened

New Job New World

I got a job in Santa Barbara in engineering the next generation of photonic switches. It was a real job, the technology was a relic lost during the dotcom bubble, where many tech companies perished and crashed from the burst. But now at resurgence of cloud computing and the demand of on the backbone of the fiber-optic infrastructure some companies were starting to hire again. It was something I believed in, information travling at the speed of light through optical fiber, and was satisfying that itch for uncovering new and novel ways of doing things, so I took the job and didn’t look back.

Since then, I’ve learned a lot. So I’ve decided to start blogging again.


I’ve decided to name this blog LightQuanta.

The equation \(E_{photon} = h\nu - \varphi\) describes the particle nature of light quantized
But I’m excited to start blogging again, and I hope you follow along!


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